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The primary focus of this site, and my music, is as that of a film, or modern media composer. My music is best described as sparse, minimalist, even stark. I do not shy away from these labels.


With over two decades experience in film, media and video production I've worked at various levels and jobs and understand the entire process of production very well; experience which fosters good communication at all levels with directors, editors and producers. When you sit down with me I can speak the same language as you, making any spotting session, editing, and post-production process smooth. My experience also allows me to fairly quickly tell  you what I can, or cannot do for your project,  saving each of us potential stress down the line.


I do my best to create my own style, and own sound to my music. I do not try to imitate anyone else, nor do I try to encompass all styles of music. I know what my strengths are, and when not to take on projects because my sound won’t fit. I hope to think of myself as a very approachable person with excellent communication skills, though I'll let you be the judge of that.

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